Are you planning on starting your own honey processing company?

Are you interested in how much the investment would be for a honey processing line adjusted to your own situation?

Are you looking for someone who can help establish new production facilities?

Do you want to expand your existing production facilities?

If you have answered one of these questions with "yes", then you are in the right place. This site is dedicated to the processing of honey, promoted by T3 engineering an independent organization with a team of specialized consultants and engineers dedicated to the food processing and packaging industry.

Below you will find a Decision Support System which will help you to decide what equipment you need in your specific situation. You can enter your own variables, manipulate the recommandation the computer gives, find information about the different processing steps and the various technology options in the processing of honey.
As an end result the computer will calculate the needed investment, including running costs and investment per Kg.

Click on the program below to find out for your self. It will open in a new window, depending on the downloading speed of your computer it may take a few minutes. Feel free to read ahead, below some information is provided on what T3 engingeering can do for you.


T3 Engineering

Main activity: Engineering and project execution in food processing and packaging

T3 engineering is an independent organization with a team of specialized consultants and engineers dedicated to the food processing and packaging industry. The company has many years of experience in the realization of projects world-wide for the agri-chain sectors diary, bakery, fruit (juice), potatoes and vegetables.
The last few years T3 engineering has done several honey projects in different countries like Holland, Romania, Bosnia, Uganda, China etc. Through this we have gained a lot of information and experience in the processing and packaging of honey.
We offers professional support before and during establishing new facilities as well as during expansion of existing production facilities. T3 offers independent coordination and supervision.

In these projects T3 engineering is most of the times working together with some other companies to offer a project as complete as possible. Not only engineering know how is offered in this way, but also project management, beekeeping consultancy and transfer of processing experience, know how and hardware.
Some of the partners are stated below.

Hak & Partners: This is a company involved in the identification, preparation and implementation of projects in the agri-food processing industry. In particular the expertise of Hak & Partners lies in the design and implementation of overall concepts targeted towards maximum commercial sustainability and continued development of business and trade.

Bijen en Bedrijf: Sonja Copijn has been working with bees since more than 35 years and has extensive experience in beekeeping in the tropics. She provides beekeeping consultancy and training services worldwide through her company Bijen en Bedrijf.

The Traay International: This is the investment and management company with the aim to assist the De Traay Group in its process of expansion and internationalisation. It combines first hand and hands-on experience in bee product technology and marketing with a large network and extensive international experience. In the past transfer of know how and hardware have been realized in several projects.



What can T3 engineering do for you?

Design a turnkey honey processing factory according to your wishes.
Make a list of concepts, product flow, requirements, buildings, etc.
Expand your existing production facilities.
Make a budget offer covering supply, detailed engineering, installation
and commissioning of the project.
Assist with project management.
Offer beekeeping consultancy.





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